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Born survivor

At the weekend, I was watching the fish in the biOrb.  I caught a glimpse of a molly fry swimming in the pirate ship ornament.  This was a big surprise as I had removed the pregnant molly from the biOrb several days before she delivered and returned her to the biOrb when I thought all the fry had popped out.  Also, the baby fry has survived for nearly two weeks in a tank with a number of comparatively large fish who are always on the look out for a meal!


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Molly fry – day 12

The baby mollies are growing quickly. They have doubled in length since their birth and are now approximately 1.5cm long. There is some variation in size. Dalmation markings are also becoming visible on a number of the fry.



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Molly fry – day 3

The molly fry are enjoying swimming at all levels of the tank and no longer cling to the surface of the water in a large group. They are mostly a yellowish colour – maybe their colours will develop/change as they grow. They are feeding well and are full of energy.


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Molly fry – day 2

My baby fish all survived their first night.  I still haven’t been able to count them but there are alot.  Whether they will all survive remains to be seen.

I have read that, after being born in the wild, molly fry swim to very shallow water.  The shallow water would be too shallow for adult fish access.  This protects the fry from being eaten.  The mother, therefore, plays no further role in her offspring’s lives after giving birth.

My molly fry, in the aquarium, have generally stayed at the surface and close to the aquarium plants.  They clearly follow the ‘saftey in numbers’ rule.  However, some pioneers are starting to venture into deeper water.

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