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Dealing with white spot or ich in mollies

Since I first encountered it, I’ve learnt more about white spot or ich in mollies.

If you have a molly which has white spots, here are some things to try:

1. Add a little aquarium salt to tank (1 tablespoon for every 5 gallons of water in aquarium). In the wild, mollies live in freshwater. However, in captivity, mollies are successfully kept in slightly brackish water. The bacteria which cause ich hates salt BUT check if other fish in tank will tolerate this.

2. Increase temperature slightly (up to a maximum of 82 degrees
Farenheit/28 degrees Celsius). A higher temperature helps get to get rid of the bacteria by speeding up their life cycle.

3. Big and frequent water changes.

4. Medicine which is suitable for all fish in tank (only if necessary as will likely cause stress to all fish and as directed on bottle).

Please let me know if you have any other recommendations which I could add to my list!


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Molly fry – 6 weeks old

The molly fry are now 6 weeks old. They are eating the same crushed up flake food which I feed the adult fish. I feed them 3 times per day and they are always excited to be fed. They feed until their little bellies are bulging. I have been advised to change 50% of the water daily as they need clean water to thrive. It’s been quite a responsibility looking after the fry. But, ultimately, it is a very rewarding experience and so enjoyable watching them grow.

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Unlikely partnership

A relationship between the balloon molly and platy is blossoming in the biOrb. Both fish originally had companions of their own species but, over time, these have sadly passed away. The independent molly occasionally tires of the energetic and relentlessly loyal attachment of the platy. But one thing is certain, wherever the balloon molly is, the little platy will not be far away!

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