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Aquarium plant

Having released my aquarium plant from the confines of its small pot, it spread over the bottom of the tank. So, I have removed most of it and added a new plant: Echinodorus ‘Rose’.

It is categorised as undemanding and, therefore, good for beginners. It has very beautiful, broad leaves (new leaves are pink). Water should be 25-30 degrees and pH 5.5-8. It likes a fair amount of sunlight.

The fish have been enjoying playing in the plant. Here is a red robin gourami swimming through the leaves:



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New fish

Following the recent loss of one of the biggest characters – the balloon molly, the tank was looking decidedly empty. However, thanks to the Aquatic Design Centre on Great Portland Street, we have some new additions: dalmation mollies and red robin gourami. The tank is reinvigorated and the existing inhabitants have responded with a healthy curiosity.

Here are a couple of pictures of my red robin gourami:



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