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Molly fry – 6 weeks old

The molly fry are now 6 weeks old. They are eating the same crushed up flake food which I feed the adult fish. I feed them 3 times per day and they are always excited to be fed. They feed until their little bellies are bulging. I have been advised to change 50% of the water daily as they need clean water to thrive. It’s been quite a responsibility looking after the fry. But, ultimately, it is a very rewarding experience and so enjoyable watching them grow.


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Dalmation molly gives birth…finally!

At last, it has happened! A few hours ago, my dalmation molly gave birth to a number of babies.

When her belly started getting bigger, I set up a second aquarium for her. Then I watched. And watched some more. Nothing happened. Today, when I’d just about given up hoping, she gave birth.

I moved her back to my main tank when I saw her trying to eat the fry. She is back swimming around with the other dalmation mollies like nothing happened.

The fry are all grouped together at the top of the tank. There is perhaps 20 babies but they’re difficult to count as they don’t stay still for long! I have given them some TetraMin Baby powder food. They are tiny like little tadpoles and measure approximately 7mm long.


October 28, 2008 at 9:36 pm 4 comments

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